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Upcoming Events

2023 SOPS Annual Holiday Networking Event

The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars organizes a holiday networking event each year for new postdocs to meet existing postdocs. This event is intended to allow postdocs to grow their local network and learn about the Society of Postdoctoral Scholars and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. 

Past Events

2023 Annual Research & Career Symposium

The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars (SOPS) at the University of Kentucky (UK) is hosting their Annual Research & Career Symposium to showcase the work of UK postdoctoral scholars and fellows, promote networking among the UK research community, and encourage discussions on career paths for postdocs and PhD students.

2023 Summer Networking Event

Summer is here! Come join your fellow postdocs for an afternoon of networking fun! You will have the opportunity to learn about SOPS activities, meet the executive committee members, and mingle with other postdocs and friends. Family & friends are welcome!  Food by Athenian Grill will be provided!  Please register below. Please note that we will close the registration on August 11, 2023 to allow ample time for the caterer to prepare our feast! 

63 Best Career Options for PhDs With Resume Workshop

In this seminar, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of their industry career options. This seminar will be customized to the background of the PhDs who are attending. Understanding which industry positions are on the rise will help attendees see what’s available to them outside of traditional tracks. Attendees will gain insights into trending industry positions that are rapidly rising in popularity, as well as bread-and-butter positions that can always be counted on in the job market for PhDs regardless of economic circumstances.