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The Launch of the Skills Database for Postdocs 

To increase collaboration among postdocs at UK, SOPS is creating a Skills Database in the spirit of our theme for 2021-2022 “GROW” – giving back, realizing research goals, opening your network and working with postdoc peers. We are driven by an awareness that your fellow UK postdocs probably have exactly what you need to overcome research hurdles, take your scientific endeavors to the next level, and stay truly inspired. Our hope is that you will use this database to network with postdocs that have the skills and expertise you need for your research projects but are struggling to acquire.

The Skills Database will be highly beneficial because you can use the search bar or column filters to find information on techniques, software and instrumentation that interest you. You will also be able to connect with your peers on LinkedIn or Google Scholar using this platform. To participate, add your information to the database follow the instructions below. Adding your information will only take a few minutes.   

Adding your information to the Skills Database 

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs has created a SharePoint site for UKY postdocs and added all current postdocs to the site. You can access the UKY Postdocs SharePoint site using this link or by simply searching for “UKY Postdocs” in the SharePoint search bar. The Skills Database, which is part of the UKY Postdocs SharePoint site, can be accessed using this link and can also be opened by clicking on the “Skills Database” option on left panel of the UKY Postdocs SharePoint page. To add your information to the database, first click on “Edit in grid view” which is located next to “New” at the top of the page (indicated by red arrow in image below). You will also note that several entries have already been made to Skills Database; you are welcome to model your responses after these entries and add new items within each column. Please take extra care when on the page not to edit or delete the information of other postdocs. 

Welcome to the Skills Database!